So excited to play this show tonight!!!


Pay no mind to the stranger in at 4 a.m. He’s not the one we know and he knows. I slept through the war you waged with him for a little bit, until he cracked your bones and you had to let go. So I make believe I’ve discovered peace but I’ll skin the man alive and sell the meat. I’ll wait in the dirt where he left your blood. If he returns for it I can make it right for good. Oh how I wish he would. Lost you in the overflowing fog thats been here awhile, so I plan to keep watch as long as the wolves are out. They’re always around and more violent than hell. I have eyes of every color now and they’re vigilant. It doesn’t matter who knocks, you don’t let them in. There are terrible men. I’m one so I should know. Heaven smiles on me now and then, but the devil always had hooks in. All I want is his head and this horrible fucking world will be wonderful again. There is so much beauty and love and when I eat his beating heart I can bring it back to us. Theres nothing that I couldn’t do except cover you when the slings and arrows came. And I’ve never been the same.

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Welcome to Arizona- Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen.

good stuff!

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Here’s a supercut of every time Bob says “Oh my god.”

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the most amazing name!
Tough crowd, tougher mic
Liam and the Ladies are headlining tonight’s show in Modesto!
tune in to to hear us play some live songs tonight! “Blossom” is playing right now! (at Kcsb)
This show is starting soon!
I’m so excited to leave for tour tomorrow!!!
Dolly Cartin’ (at Hello Merch)