it’s going down tonight!!!
Cutest couple on the floor  ❤️ (at Skateland Mesa - Roller Skating, Birthday Parties in Mesa, AZ & Phoenix, AZ)
Night 2 of tracking some Twin Ponies & Little Brother Mojo stuff with Jordan
So excited to play this show tonight!!!


Pay no mind to the stranger in at 4 a.m. He’s not the one we know and he knows. I slept through the war you waged with him for a little bit, until he cracked your bones and you had to let go. So I make believe I’ve discovered peace but I’ll skin the man alive and sell the meat. I’ll wait in the dirt where he left your blood. If he returns for it I can make it right for good. Oh how I wish he would. Lost you in the overflowing fog thats been here awhile, so I plan to keep watch as long as the wolves are out. They’re always around and more violent than hell. I have eyes of every color now and they’re vigilant. It doesn’t matter who knocks, you don’t let them in. There are terrible men. I’m one so I should know. Heaven smiles on me now and then, but the devil always had hooks in. All I want is his head and this horrible fucking world will be wonderful again. There is so much beauty and love and when I eat his beating heart I can bring it back to us. Theres nothing that I couldn’t do except cover you when the slings and arrows came. And I’ve never been the same.

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Welcome to Arizona- Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen.

good stuff!

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Here’s a supercut of every time Bob says “Oh my god.”

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the most amazing name!
Tough crowd, tougher mic
Liam and the Ladies are headlining tonight’s show in Modesto!