Fun show happening tonight, and it’s FREE!!!!
Liam and the Ladies go on around 9:30
Home made sub kick!
at Hello Merch

Terrible picture of an awesome crowd, tonight’s show was a blast!

Can’t wait to play this show tonight!!!!!

Guster - Satellite

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Mount Shasta, California in three hours

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Born in Denmark in 1978, John Kenn spends his days writing and directing television shows for kids. When he has time between TV and his twins, he draws his creepy little monster drawings on post-it notes, peeking into a little window into a different world, made entirely on office supplies.

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pinball hall of fame, las vegas, nevada

Anonymous asked: Your really Cute!! By any chance are YOU Bi-sexual?

i am not, but thank YOU for the compliment! :)

Another successful night of Simpsons trivia in the books! (at Bragg’s Factory Diner)


POZ Gallery: Weezer Summer Tour
Location: Main Street Armory - Rochester, NY
Photos By: Taylor Rambo

before & after